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and this show never goes anywhere its pretty much the same %+%@ every episode/season. entertaining, but it goes nowhere and has no depth
Man I never gave this show a chance. But i just got done
one nightand literally stayed up all night and the whole next day to watch all of the seasons on #!#@%%!!#. The show is every mans dream.
one of my favorites, but id probably give the nod to Dexter for best show ive ever seen
It's not really meant to be a deep, awe inspiring show - just something that entertains...and between the storylines and characters, entertainment valuedoes not fall short
The Wire is a lil too fresh in everyone's mind right now.

Entourage is a totally different kind of show, it doesn't try to be as deep as the Wire. That said it does go pretty deep into the film industry andit's refreshing and interesting to have the point of view of industry insiders willing to put stuff out there. The writers are big fans of film history andthat's evident because a lot of themes and events on the show reference, copy or mention classic cinema. The show has a message but it's popularitycomes from it's appeal as being a fun show, which it is to the fullest.

Also helps that it has very colorful and unique characters. I'd say its safely in my top 10 comedies.
entertaining show but really it seems EVERYTHING works out

The Wire & Lost > *

The wire and lost are different but dope because they come full circle and every single episodes makes you understand the entire series better.

With entourage you can basically start watching it at any point
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