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When is EQPT gonna carry The Warfare Collective?

THATS the question...
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sorry may be a stupid q/ but i havent been to seattle in a minute. ive been stuck in montana and can survive on our solo urban store premiere. anyway the q/...is this eqpt legit? and please i dont wanna here why its better than capitol i just wanna know what it has. thanks.
pretty legit. cosignment shoes mainly jordans, some nikes, sb's lots of sick display shoes, rouge status, bape, supreme, artful dodger, mike, tons of stuff. staff is dope too. EQPT > 1524.

someone go buy those grapes in there!
MOST DEF legit rainygriz, but just know its going to be consignment so you can't go there with an agenda A lot of hot shoes and some really nice gear but yes they need to pick up the warfare collective

Looks like they may be the second store to carry warfare in the NW if they hurry it up
Team Pacific Northwest​
thanks for the info and the pics were super helpful to see what they were about. i may have to go check it out when i get back into for summer.
I just wish I had the $$$$(and the balls to spend said $$$$) on those white/gold 20-5-5's.
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
Ive got a pair of Bday lebrons DS Size 9.5 that I have and I want to sell.

Other than that the place looks really dope, I wanna visit it
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I don't think the ones on the floor with the casing are for sale.

booyaka..... i want those ray xii :nerd:

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