ESPN Insider Request: NBA Player X: Lay off Iverson


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A.I. is always going to be A.I. He just got the pass when he was playing well, now he is a %!$* so he deserves to get this treatment.
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[h3]NBA Player X: Lay off Iverson [/h3]
March, 11, 2010
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By Anonymous

Guys around the league are pissed at Stephen A. Smith right now for his most recent columnon Allen Iverson, the one in which he claimed Allen is going to drinkand/or gamble his life away. One of my NBA friends in Philly says abunch of Sixers can't wait for Stephen A. to show up in their lockerroom so they can have words with him.

He'sthe kind of guy who, if Philly were playing well and won a championshipor something, would "break" the story that Allen was the reason fortheir success, but because Philly sucks and Iverson's numbers haven'tbeen good, Stephen A. breaks the story that their failure is aboutAllen's drinking and gambling. It's this kind of thing that makes a lotof guys in the NBA wary of Stephen A. Smith.

Now, everyonein the league knows Allen has been a big partier his entire career.Crazy thing is, he actually drinks a lot less than he used to. I knowthere was talk because Allen was at some party on a night he wassupposed to be playing. But right now NBA players are just talkingabout how they can't believe Stephen A. chose to write that column now,when Allen's partying is way, way tamer than it used to be. We allthink the timing is suspicious.

I haven't talked toAllen, so I don't know how he feels about all this. But guys around theleague think Stephen A. took a cheap shot, that he kicked a man when hewas down. Allen is dealing with his sick daughter and a divorce. That'sthe reason he's taking time away. But I guess the truth doesn't sellnewspapers. Fact is, if Stephen A. really cared about him, as he sayshe does, he'd be going to AI's friends and family, trying to saysomething that way. He wouldn't be blasting him in the media.

Allen'sgoing through all this personal stuff and he's in the spotlight with nooutlet. But Allen is probably the most loved guy in the league afterShaq. Yeah, he's had problems with coaches. But every guy I know who'splayed with him says he's a great teammate. He always keeps guys looseby lightening the mood. There are dozens of guys in the NBA who wouldhelp him if he needed it. And while I don't think he'll be back in theleague again -- he's just not where he used to be physically -- hisabsence will have nothing to do with drinking and gambling. You canprint that.
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Good looking out Franchise.

The preview paragraph made it sound like the guy interviewed someone that was going to talk $+%# on Stephen A
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Stephen A. has only said what John Thompson should have said 7 years ago. Whether Stephen A. Smith had a motive or not is irrelevant at this point. The media should use this as an opportunity to show Iverson that people actually care about his well being. Staying mum is not going to help AI at this point. He needs some tough love right now, not silent witnesses to his destruction.
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