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[h3]Eagles, ******** co-leaders?[/h3]
11:26AM ET

[h5]Julius Peppers | Panthers | Interested: Falcons?, Bears?, Giants?, Browns?, Chiefs?, Packers?, Patriots?, Eagles?[/h5]

Julius Pepperswill have a new team, and it could happen as quickly as this Friday. Wecontinue to hear him linked to different teams, with varying degrees ofcertainty.

The Eagles and Patriots have been considered the front-runners forsome time now, and the Bears also appear to be one of the front-runnersfor Peppers, given the fact that they have no picks in the first tworounds to find a new pass-rusher; in other words, any big personnelimprovements will have to come from free agency. According to JeffMcLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, a league source says that the Eagles are on Peppers' "short list" of teams for whom he wants to play.

Jason Reid of the Washington Postsays the ******** are "expected to pursue" Peppers, a possibility thatwas also foretold by NFL Insider Adam Schefter last week onSportsCenter:

[h5]Video: Schefter on Peppers[/h5]
******** could be a surprise entrant in sweepstakes
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