ESPN's recent array of new commentators on there networks: Vol. Huh?

Joined Nov 27, 2009
Whats up with ESPN hiring all these new announcers? I know many of them are former players and they show the viewers a popular name in there respective sport but guys like Bruce Bowen are good basketball players but at announcing....

Anybody watch him recently on NBA fastbreak?
Joined Aug 13, 2009
Dudes are getting suspended left and right - the temp agency in Bristol is working overtime.
Joined Jan 17, 2010
I agree, is there even an interview process where they look at qualifications? Seems like they just look at the pool of recently retired NBA players/unemployed NBA coaches and take their pick of the biggest names. Jalen Rose and Avery Johnson...come on now
Joined Nov 27, 2009
Jalen Rose is the worst sometimes. Hahaha
Dude talks in slurs smh
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