Events that will make the internet explode

Joined May 14, 2013
Hypothetically speaking of course. Looking at this entire Kim Kanye baby thing, I thought there would be more uproar like when Blue Ivy arrived. But what are some events in society that you think would make the internet go HAM almost instantly?
Joined Aug 25, 2007
The internet hasnt shut down since michael jackson died

So i guess if kanye ever died the internet would be in shambles. But then again i think they would have made several upgrades and what not to prevent that type of collapse
Joined May 11, 2013
Kobe coming back next year and beating LeBron in Game 7 with Kobe scoring 60pts and Bron going for like 9pts 
Joined Aug 10, 2009
-When the Saturn is finally finished.

-If the Heat loses to SA

-When Kanye does a test and realizes it's not his seed
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