Evergreen State College...

One of my friends is getting recruited to play soccer there...
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You guys beat OIT, good upset...I live in the city where Eastern Oregon is. I've watched their bball team play Eastern for the last 10 years.
Team Pacific Northwest​

yeah my little sis is up at college there....she is such a little treehugger so its a great enviroment for her over there :pimp:

....it seems way more laid back then a normal college, I feel like I dont gotta worry about her as much.

I was asking though cuz a few of her dorm-mates are into kicks i know. I sent her up with a few pairs of my oldschool dunks to wear when she misses me and they all were tripping over them lol

^ if you want them back without paint or something on them better ask for them. nike is frowned upon at evergreen by the hippies.
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