Evisu in Bay Area

Jun 28, 2007
Anyone know any place where they sell Evisu jeans in the bay area? I went to Serramonte yesterday and saw that finishline was selling some of them 50% off, they have the EV Genes and Heritages there, only 1 size fitted me so I bought one. (Check it out if you get the chance!) Well back to the question, any places in the bay area selling Evisu any one know of? Let me know! Thanks.

Also, does Villains at Haight still sell Evisu?
Against all odds at Serramonte, Up Against the Wall at Southland, Nordstrom.
Dont get EV genes or the Heritage because the quality sucks compared to other evisus. The quality is no better than gap denim so youre basically paying 150 up for some gap denim with gulls.
Thanks for the help guys, and yeah finishline is carrying a couple evisus there right now.

BgL2687 I'll see what else there would be from those other stores.
^^im not sure they sell evisu at self edge. last time i was there they didnt have it. i checked the website too, did they just it in?
yep finishline has them but are going to stop selling them soon. after they get rid of all those in stock in stores, no more evisu at finishline.

they got them for 50% off. should pay like $135-$160ish.

I wouldn't know haha. Never been to their store..i just assumed they did since they carry a wide variety of denim.
against all odds.

like a year back wen my friends sister worked there. we would steal jeans and slip her a profit.

Team PICS?
where the PICS?
yea shes a MILF​
so against all odds carries real @#%$? even the lacoste? been kinda doubting that place since it opened up
sarcasm is hard to tell online

lookin for AM90 infareds 10-11
I gotta check back at against all odds soon, last time I've been there, they didn't have any evisu which I saw. Months back ago though, they hung them up on the walls.
nordstrom. if you want quality evisu, go to a quality store. how could you really trust spending hundreds of dollars at a "street" store who could possibly rip you off by selling knock-offs compared to a store well-known for good brands, and expensive clothing, so you know you are going to be well taken care of.
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nordstrom stores dont carry evisu but their website does...but nordstroms basically sell the same ones at finishline which are the EV genes, but sometimes they also have evisu deluxe which are the better quality ones
Oh yea forgot about the Puma X Evisu...Those are pretty nice quaility wise and they are fairly priced. I just dont like the color of the gulls
^ The Puma x Evisu one's are actually really bad quality, don't know what you're talkin about :rolleyes
if you compare the ev genes and the puma ones...the puma ones are way better quality than ev genes.
I just ordered one from the sale on Evisu.com :-S www.evisu.com/shop/produc...t=5&page=1 You think it was worth it? Heard it was limited edition too or something, and does ordering from evisu.com come with a bag that carries the jeans? Also, is the puma x evisu better quality than this? Thank y'all for the help!
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