Ezell's Appreciation Post

Ezells by garfeld > ezells in skyway > popeyes>all
Hella filthy!
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mm..only had teh one by garfeild......but when we used to have an assistant mger from there workin w/ us at my workplace he used to bring ezell's chicken nd buscuits every other day for us...mmmmmmmmmmmmayn..hella appreciated
Ezell's > your mom

Every once in awhile us white folk (read: my friends and me) do "Fried Chicken & 40s Night" where we grub on Ezell's and OE. A great time is had by all.
i like popeyes spicy strips over ezells spicy strips. thats the only stuff i eat from both places.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
yum. appreciated.

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I used to live only a few blocks away....

Ezells > any chicken joint in Oakland

Ezells before it burnt down > any chicken joint in the world..
i like popeyes spicy strips over ezells spicy strips. thats the only stuff i eat from both places.
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too bad Ezell's at the Tacoma Mall went out of business. Their chicken strips were dry and cold
Ask me if I care...
The ezells by Garfield is easily the best...the one in Skyway has it moments. the new one up in the Renton Highlands...ennhh....I mean it works...I like it better than Popeyes(in WA anyway) and I havent eaten KFC in like 6 years, but really, its like a variant Ezells....the chicken always tastes different there. I'd say:
Garfield Ezells > Portland MLK Popeyes > Skyway Ezells > Highlands Ezells > Renton/Federal Way Popeyes
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
Damn I'm hella late....

Ezell's by Garfield >>>>>>>>>>>>> all

I just finished some strips off like an hour ago....@#%$ a christmas turkey, I want more spicy strips with hot sauce.
^ I can't get enough of em. Two spicy breasts, a roll, an order of cole slaw and a peach faygo. I can feel my cholesterol going up just thinking about it...
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