fairfax in la questions?

Jul 16, 2006
sup NT,

it was my first time down on fairfax. i visited supreme, the hundreds, FCLA, Diamond, hall of fame, and a store that had no sign (right beside FCLA). i'll hopefully be hitting it up again later this week so i wanted to know if there's anything i missed. I did see them putting up the sign for alife.

Big thanks . . .
that's pretty much it there. up the street on melrose to the right, there's sportie LA, brooklyn projects, and saru (i think that's the name of it)...then further down melrose, there's a bunch more stores. then right onto la brea, you have la brea massive, which are union, stussy and undftd.
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hum, i didnt visit sportie la or brooklen projects. what brands do they carry in these stores? would u recomend a visit?
Sportie L.A. is all sneakers it's a good store all kinds of sneakers. BP sells Crooks(The Illumanti [sp?] Collection also), Fuct , SBs, Recon. There is also Workmens the brands they have r Upper Playground, FreshJive, Orisue n some others.

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BP=Brooklyn Projects - store is aiite. ur better off going to stussy, undftd, union.
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Hows the prices in Sportie LA? Do they have any older Air Force ones? Im planning on going there this saturday but just wanted to know..
There's turntable lab across the street from supreme (turntablelab.com) and reserve a few doors down from that which sells the freshjive collection
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