Fake Check Concord 11

Joined Apr 29, 2013

I found a pair of Concord 11's and I know that people sell perfect replica pairs. This person said they are 100% authentic but he is known to sometimes have fakes, therefore I would like you people to tell me if these shoes are real or not please! I would love to have some Concords and he is selling for a decent price so I am very unsure. Help!


Joined May 28, 2007
Greymarket/ early release you can see that line in the toe cap and the 23s on the rear heel are too wide how much is the price?
Joined Jan 23, 2013
Carbon is real everthing looks good to me 

I am a big dude 320 lbs and my XI"s get just as big as my belly after a month of wearing them so I can not say they grey market because they are fat from the back they are used shoes.

How ever they are worn just enough for not be able to tell grey market from RD. Maybe have him clean the soles and send some more pics
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