Fall 03 Catalog Pics: And 1 & Nike

If it's a print catalog, go ahead.

We had problems with people posting images that were not intended to leave Nike. Print catalog images have left Nike as a result of Nike's own will, since Nike distributes catalogs to members of the general public such as store owners and employees.

cant wait :D
OMG!thanks for the picture,love those zoom flight! :D

<---Merry X'mas to my man DA
^ i second that...more pics :wink:

I O N H E A R T​
A nonchalant and shy student from Balamb Garden. Equipped with a gunblade, a combined sword and gun, and eager to join the elite military organization known as SeeD who are elite combat specialists who will fight the ultimate battle against the Sorceress for the sake of the world. He is thrown into the dark, mysterious conspiracy of rivalry in a world soon to be plagued by chaos.
man, they REALLY ruined the spiridons IMO
"The Amount of Information I Know About Footwear Would Amaze You"

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Heres the fall 03 And1 stuff...not very good but here you go anyways:




be back in a minute with the nike stuff....sorry about the images...image hosting=pain in the a**
Pics aren't working

"they feel like they've been put together by ******ed monkeys on crack." - Methamphibian NYC on Jordan Brand
Wow, thanks for the pics! Nike's making some hot running shoes! Definitely getting the air max and the shox TL.
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