FAMU HOMECOMING 2007...Who's gonna be there?

May 30, 2005
Less than a week away and I'm already hyped :pimp:

This is my 2nd one and I'm looking forward to doing it bigger and better than last year. If you been before then you already know the deal. Anyone coming from outta town? What you got planned for the week or weekend?
Team Wipe Me Down
FRESH kicks FRESH white tall tee FRESH New Era hat FRESH jeans with the crease.​
I'll be there...
Comin from Miami...
The Concert...
Party @ Potbelly's...
Greek Step Show....
Its my first time tho, not sure what to expect
RawToon Not A CarToon
ill be there i been goin every year since i was a kid lookin forward to all the sexy lady and big cars
center]Team FLorida Reppin' 727 burg life And 850 tpain fl Till I Die Home Of The Dread Heads,Chevys,And Gold Teeth.[/center]
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