FCLA or RIF? (selling perspective)

Nov 19, 2000
Alright fellas, I created this thread more or less to get some feedback from the experiences that you have had selling your shoes at either of these places or both. I personally have sold shoes at both locations and have had mixed reviews with both.


At the time I sold my shoes there, they were still sorta new. They didn't have a website yet and their foot traffic wasn't as heavy as FCLA. The customer service was above and beyond and I always felt like I received fair market value for what I was attempting to sell. Though all of my shoes didn't sell ( lack of exposure I believe ), I felt more comfortable taking my business there.

FCLArecently, which place do you prefer to work with?
eh it depends. I've put a lotta shoes up at FCLA and all of em have eventually sold. FCLA definitely has more foot traffic and the more popular website so if you want to sell your shoes faster then go with them. If you're not in a rush then go with Rif since they take a smaller cut. I usually put my shoes up at FCLA since it was a lot closer to where I lived and I hated driving downtown.

However another reason to sell your shoes at Rif is if you're selling some really expensive shoe (like $500+) or a bunch of shoes at once then the 15% vs. 20% could make a big difference. But other than that, personally, I would just go to FCLA.

random question.
Why are some of the shoes at Rif plastic wrapped while others aren't? Do the sellers have to pay an extra amount to have them wrapped or something?
bulgogi, reason why some are saran wrapped is because that is the one size that they have/someone brought 'em in. The unwrapped kicks are their stock w/ multiple sizes.

J, I would prefer RIF, not to mention that it seems a li'l more reputable. Although FCLA has better foot traffic, I'm sure you would rather get the most money for your kicks. Ok, so you guys gonna go on Monday or what? Get at me.
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Why are some of the shoes at Rif plastic wrapped while others aren't? Do the sellers have to pay an extra amount to have them wrapped or something?

That is a good question, I know that they plastic wrapped the ones that I sold there and I don't recall it costing more. They ask you if you mind your shoes being displayed when you bring them in.
RIF gives you the better payout and they are starting to really come out on scale.

But things seem to always move over at FCLA. It might be because of the traffic they get into the store.

Personally I would go with RIF cuz of the bigger payout. You are selling shoes to make money right? Also RIF charges a fair enough price that someone will pick them up.
Chris I am in for Monday, I just need to connect with Ariel. Looks like I will be heading down to RIF. I have some heat I need to unload.
just price your shoes reasonable where your happy and the customer is happy.
RIF, simply because of the less % they take, and the people there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FCLA's people.
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