Fighting a dog....

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I think I can

hit him in the nose, get a kick in before we move the fight to the ground.... maybe bite it's ear (heard they respect you after that)

if all fails stick my finger in it's $#%* or something....... winning is possible

and you?
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maybe against a pomeranian or a won't have much a chance against big dogs and basically no chance against a police k9.
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Originally Posted by BgL2687

maybe against a pomeranian or a won't have much a chance against big dogs and basically no chance against a police k9.

OP have you ever play fought with a German Shepherd? You wont win.

-The Juice
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reminds me of what just happened in Ohio. A cop in cleveland was in a homeowners backyard responding to a burglary call when the homeowners lab comes charging at him. What does he do? Shoots him dead. I wouldnt want to be around that guy if i'm caught running from him after being pulled over
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I always thought about what I'd do. For some reason, I always imagined I'd try to kick it down or pin it somehow and step/stomp/stand on it's head/neck.
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ham city

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I'll beat the breaks off a dog.

but when i was 9, this pit and this rot chased me on my bike for a mile. i was sooooooooo shook.
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I always just imagined a headlock or pinning it and gouging its eyes out...The eyes are soft, easy to poke out and vital to winning a fight..

Police dog? No way you're winning that without a gun, BIG knife or hard blunt object....Hell, I bet even if you gouged a police dogs eyes out, it would still sniff you out and rip your balls off....
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I don't know i think i would just keep throwing punches and kicks and pray i do damage.

when i was younger i got chased by a sheep dog there no joke.
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Police dogs pretty much bite you in the arm and hang on. Like what dude was trying to do, you can use that to just swing it and slam it into something, or hell try to guage its eyes out
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�That looks intense and that is a�GROWN #+* man as well.

That's insane.

No lie, I always think about this, especially since there used to be a ton of stray dog by my way. When I was a kid, a neighbor had a dog it used to let wander around the neighborhood, and that dog ran into my backyard while my brother and I were playing UNO with our cousin. Man, we ran so fast, and thank God we left the door open. Usually, we locked it if we knew we'd be out for a while. My dad was sleeping inside, and when we ran to tell him what happened, he grabbed a huge shovel from the basement and went outside looking for it.
Didn't find it though, and we called the cops to report the neighbors.  SMH. The dog ended up attacking an elderly woman the same night.
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