has all sizes raging bull pack

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Originally Posted by solekollectah81

Because Finish Line sucks and no one goes to their website lmao

well good. dat mean there would b more stuff 4 me 2 cop off da website
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Originally Posted by SneakerPimp2k8

people actually liked these things?? go figure
same question i'm asking. its the DMP labeling that helped these sell.
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Had them checked out then remembered IL tax rapes you. Plus I think theyll be lower prices to cop in the future. Im passing...
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these didnt sell well @ all.....every shoe store i went in this past weekend had em and the employees were talkin about how it was a bust. imma jus wait tilemployee appreciation so i can get 50% offa these
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ordered these from on release day, paid with debit and got charged right away and got the confirmation instantly...that tuesday i get the shippmentconfirmation...then today my online statement says i got more money on my card....but i notice that the finishline charge is not posted anymore ....has anyonesomething like that??
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