First Look: Air Jordan 5 x Air Force 1 Fusion (Fire Red)Pic

Jul 15, 2005
Didnt see this posted yet but helping out my fellow NTers, sorry for the small picture, its all i can find...

We have shown you in the past shots of the Air Jordan 12 x AF1 fusion, but now thanks to we have some leaked sample shots of the Air Jordan 5 fusion. These will set you back $145 and will release in summer of 2008.
This has to be the DUMBEST concept in the history of sneakers. Since when can't Air Jordans stand alone in terms of marketability??! Who comes up with these @#%$ backward ideas? Oh yea punka$$ Gentry.
I thought they made it in yellow colorway?
Wow, they are pretty good except the signature straps of AF1.
Those don't look right at all. The Taxi XII Fusion is so much better than these. The plastic netting on the side just looks way too big for the shoe. I'll save my final judgment for when we see more up close pics, but so far I'm not feeling them.
Even if I was able to take off the strap without damaging the shoe, It WILL STILL LOOK LIKE A VARIENT. Disappointed.
Sweet Jesus this AF1 collabo is ridiculous! I can see it now .... Jordan Air Raid Fusions for 2009. No more retros, JORDAN AIR RAID F'n FUSIONS 2009! Yes ladies and gents, you can quote me on that!

Thanks for the pics though! I was waiting patiently for that damn colorway to release.
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I like me but they should have released them in the grape color so that people will beast over them and actually buy them. I'll consider these if the money is good cause the packages and some stuff that nike has coming is gonna put a hurting on my pockets.
i like the idea i would rock not for $100 though, just something different.
Ok, I've kept my peace long enough but I gotta break the silence. JB needs to stop wit all of this crap and stick to the status quo. The only reason JB can get away wit bs like this is because of half the stupid ppl on here, that aren't even registerd members buyin up this crap cause it has a jumpman on it. Gentry seriously needs to Cheddar Bob hisself can chill out wit this crap. When all of this stuff start droppin, I thought it MIGHT be a good idea, but after seein them TRYIN to make everything look nice, I take that back. Now I see why a lot of sneakerheads are starting to go in other directions as far as footwear, cause they're tired of seein JB defimate their own character wit *censored* like this...
Those look off. The lows that oo71 :nerd:

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I think these are alright. I hope the AF1 x AJIII is black with grey elephant print. I think those will look good. I think with all the packs and the fact that AF1 are a huge seller, combining them with the jordans was a good idea. Dint say I liked it, but good marketing idea nonetheless.
They should also somehow make the swoosh on the lows with net like materal.

"A sneakerhead could buy sneakers from sun up to sun down and his/her collection may never be complete".
These are actually not that bad for a Fusion.
But why not just drop the retro V?
Maybe they are probably saving that for the XVIII + V package.
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