First Niketalk Census: Results

only 1500, responses, so alot of people didnt take the survey...
i loved it, great survey gives us a lil bit of an idea, of who we see day in and day out
95.7% of NTers are male

A majority of NTers are from New York, California, and Texas.

2.9% of members that participated in this census are pure Filipino.

whos the broad over 6'6 ?

and who said they had over 10 children?
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55% of Niketalk is single
90% of Niketalk has no child.

i'm surprised the biggest racial group was white though...although maybe more white people were willing to waste 10 minutes taking a survey, i don'tknow.
nice work boilermaker, it was not only good information, the funniest research paper I've ever read

"far be it for me to impeed the works of a genius" -boilermaker hahaha
Boilermaker, this was a very valuable and applaudable attempt at defining the community of Niketalk and the results were very revealing and worthwhile. Ibelieve this should be done and undertaken as a serious project by the Niketalk staff, maybe on a 2-3 year basis to keep the community informed of who "weare." As NT grows, it is important to have such information available.

This was a very commendable project and even more imoressive that this was just done under your own initiative and was not a component of Nike/work related orschool-based (which I honestly thought it was)....Much props to you and your initiative and you devoting time to get this done. Congrats on your new born andhopefully, for subsequent censuses, hopefully NT staff will see it fit for you to oversee the project.

Nice work!!!!

(PS no wonder there were so many Kobe/LA fans in the NBA Feet thread....I was wondering if the whole world was sooo in love with LA...but Cali residentsdominate wonder!!!!
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