First String Sports @ Pac Mall

Oct 30, 2000
2 questions I had about this store...

Do they still have a good size run of the Foamposite One's? (I don't live around there and its hard for me to go check, and the phone number on the listings does not seem to work as nobody is picking up)

Apparently there is another store called "First String Sports" somewhere down in Parkway Mall in scarborough...any relations? Franchise?

Help is appreciated
Yeah the second shop is in Parkway Mall.
^Oh shoot, i never knew they had one at Parkway Mall. My school is right beside Pacific Mall, so i practically go there every other day or something like that. I can check for you, what size would you need?
There used to be one (or is it still there?) @ Agincourt Mall as well... looong time ago I lived close to the Parkway Mall First String but lately when I go their selection has fallen off a bit... they are good for the occasional older Jordan or Shox release.
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^Apocalypz I need a sz10.5...thanx in advance! If they don't got them I might have to hit up buffalo...if they have 'em still

I remember the one in Agincourt Mall...ghetto as hell :rofl:

don't think its there anymore though
theres one at cloverdale mall near eastmall too, by the way Apocalypz could you check for a 11 or 11.5. thanks in advance
Dude, ill be happy to check for you. I'm gonna just hang around pacific mall tomorrow anyways. Me and my friends always get kicked out everytime by causing too much ruckus, but ill try not to. Im not even sure if they finished moving the store, because they changed the locations. Before they were in the middle of Pacific Mall, now they are on the left side, but I will check none the less.
yahh around sometime in feb. i saw the store @ pacmall carrying caro v but for 300 though..
Parkway Mall what! the FS there had jordan IIIs, XVIx, XVIs, XI IEs on clearance table back then and no one knew or cared. I still regret not getting mocha IIIs and olive IXs that were on the table... my size too!
eLCristo: Senator O'Connor CHS is arond the way there. Dun know about the public schools

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i saw some foams at the nike store on bloor street, i think like $265
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