Fitted for those confused Giants / A's Fans

Apr 11, 2003
My nephew found this pic on Fitted Hawaii, it's a Giants hat in the A's colorway. I'm waiting for the flip flop, since A is the first initial of my last name and because I bleed orange and black.

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they did make a flip one, i know the store in serramonte had it
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bayyy areaaaaa
that has is super sick. I wanna see a Oakland A's cap with the giants colorway. Rep The Bay but i stay an A's fan coming from the East bay. I just like the idea. Thats my opinion
same here KC, not really a big fan of borders on the logo
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damn thats pretty clean, how much was the hat? is there any place in the bay that has that colorway?
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i would want the flip flop of A's in orange and black too

Any info?

T R A N S F O R M E R S​
I wouldn't mind getting the Giants hat in A's colors just to confuse my cousins who are A's fans plus it doesn't look bad at all.
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