FLORIDA NTers!!!! (Orlando)

Jan 22, 2006
Hey FLORIDA/Orlando NTers,

Who has been to the PRIME OUTLETS Orlando recently?

I wanted to know what the Nike outlet and Adidas outlet had in stock (and prices) :smile:
and if there was anything worth picking up :smile:

Got some family visiting orlando soon, so hopefully they can pick me up something.

Also are there any tier 1/0 or SB spots in the area? I also want to know thier stock and prices (websites would be helpful too)

Thx again
theres 5 nikeoutlets, they got random heat but alot of things sell out VERY quickly, all of them are always packed, u just gotta call teh day of or the day before to see wat tehy got in stock
This sucks i'm moving from delray to orlando for college, before I could go to MIA but now i'll have nowhere but online to pick up heat -_-
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