FML, any NTers that can help is greatly appreciated

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For my loss,

My car was hit by a drunk driver via hit & run, but it's a girl that my friend was mingling with in a bar. He got her digits before the accident and we've been able to conclude that it is her actual cell phone number. I couldn't make out the vehicle because our cars were parked at a distance. In the morning, I saw the damage and it was paint that I buffed out and some scratches I painted over. Any NTers got the resources to find the name and address based off a phone number? I want to present her with pictures of my bumper, my broken license plate holder, and the receipt for the rubbing compound. Any help is greatly appreciated


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There was a thread similar to this a few days ago...came to the conclusion that info like that can't be found on the internet, or something like that, theres a law that proctects them blah blah blah
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