Foamposite Love... But How???

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Joined Jun 7, 2013
I'm all for foamposite technology, when it comes down to it. I own a pair of Hyperposites, Atomic Green colorway, which are VERY, VERY freakin' comfortable... The sneakers are my go to shoe to rock on court.
The technology is so damn comfortable, but how it works confuses me... If I love a shoe I atleast gotta know how it does what it does, right? Anyway, the way it molds is nice, but how? Is it the actual plastic on the outside of the kicks that molds, or is there a thin layer of foam underneath the plastic for the plastic to protect, which the foam molds to the shape? Is the memory foam insole supposed to mold, or what?
I'm GUESSING that the outer layer of plastic molds to your foot shape from heat and sweat...I don't have a single clue as to how or what it works, but all I know is that the kicks are comfortable. I was hoping that y'all out there in the sneaker community would know what the technology does to mold or how it shapes...View media item 457833
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