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Sorry to bump an old thread, but this needs to be said.
I posted this an another forum and it seems I'm not the only one with bad experience so this isn't an isolated situation.

Stay the hell away from this place.
I had a TERRIBLE experience with them.

Ordered some Retro 3 White Cements.. On their website it says Pristine Condition.
When I got them, the box was beat to all hell with the box top not even being able to sit on the box properly. The elephant print was all smeared and faded almost to a light grey. It also looked like someone undid all the laces, then re-laced them up VERY tightly from bottom to top. So tightly, that the shoe was showing creases already on the sides.

So I shot them an email, and he responds in a very sarcastic/uncaring tone, basically saying it was Jordan's quality control going down. +##?!? Being an online retailer myself, THIS CAN NOT BE AN EXCUSE TO SEND DEFECT SHOES TO CUSTOMERS. You don't send these shoes to customers. You send that *!!@ back to Jordan Brand. If you do plan to send them to your customer, you have the obligation to tell them the condition of the shoe BEFORE you ship it out. You don't just ship it and hope that the customer doesn't say anything. That's just bad business and will taint your reputation forever. I really wonder how many other customers they tried sending this shoe, it's really ridiculous.

This isn't everything. Took them FOREVER to get them to refund me my money. I literally had to constantly email them just to make sure they wouldn't flake on me.

After all of this you would think they would refund the total cost plus the return shipping costs...NOPE. More excuses and constant ignoring of emails. +##?

I really hate bashing on a website like this, but after them ignoring my emails and not wanting to refund me my shipping costs, I have no other choice.

I still have pictures of the shoes/shoe box, but posting those up would be going to far I think. I'll just leave this rant up and hopefully warn other people.
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