Football player cut w. knife by another player in post-game

Mar 13, 2004
handshake....and released to his parents......I think Blake HS was school where a girl died in a post-game brawl a few years back. But, what's up w. ol' boy pulling a knife out to cut another player? Like no one would see dude was playing an away game...what a's like a VERY watered down variant Last Boy Scout type of move....

Md. Student Charged with Assault After Postgame Knife Attack

By Ernesto Londoo
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 5, 2007; 11:53 AM

A 17-year-old Blake High School football player cut a Magruder High School player Friday night as players of the dueling teams were shaking hands during the postgame lineup, Montgomery County police said.

The Blake student pulled a small folding knife from his pocket, cut the hand of a rival team member and attempted to cut a second player, said Cpl. Jimmy Robinson, a police spokesman.

"There's no talk of an explicit motive," Robinson said. "The implied motive here is team rivalry." Magruder had won the game.

The Blake student was charged as a juvenile with second-degree assault and carrying a weapon in school, Robinson said. He was released to the custody of his parents after being processed by police.

The alleged assault occurred about 8:30 p.m. at Magruder, at 5939 Muncaster Mill Rd. Police confiscated the knife, Robinson said.

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producing goonies? bammas just mad cuz we beat them every year :lol:
lmao does blake hand out free blades or somthing cause the only time i ever hear about them is when one of the students cut someone
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wow. I go to blake and I didnt even know. I saw the stabbing of the girl though, @#%$ was crazy.
what the hell is going on to my old hs. The year after i graduated from blake (05) it seriously went downhill fast and now this.
Man.....what happened to settling the stuff on the field when you have all that equiment on.

Some dudes are just soft as Charmin...
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Yo you can not be serious. I remember when Gburg used to run over these schools when I was in high school!

It's just a game though, dudes goin apes@#%$t over nothing
Another one bites the dust!
Holla at PG.

I guarantee a Mo county team will win states in 3A and 4A this year. not to mention Good Counsel just beat Dematha.

and Eff the trojans
Thats that Mo county @#%$ right there..."shank a ni @#%$ a on the yard and s--t" lmao

But at the gwynn park vs friendly game..the friendly linebacker stole the @#%$ out of a gwynn park dude in the middle of the field lol...i wonder why people my age so bitter when they lose lol
The Real.
Mills don't be bitter the Trojans ran over everybody from 99 to 03.
Another one bites the dust!
yea that @#%$ is crazy! i graduated from blake and my two younger sisters go there. the bamma that did the cutting sits right infront of my sister in her bio class, she said he was a F.A.R.M.S bamma tho.

DoubleJs07 stay with the breaking news. I didn't hear about this story either until now dudes is wildin out in Montgomery County, I guess they are trying to compete with PG now.

compete with what, level of ignorance? its a couple of kids that think they go hard and just make stupid decisions. know body aint tryin to compete wit nuffin
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I guarantee a Mo county team will win states in 3A and 4A this year. not to mention Good Counsel just beat Dematha.
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Gmills, u played for Magruder right? my boy said some dude named Mills on Magruder one time stuck a dude on the field and sent his%%$* to the hospital viahelicopter... twas it you?
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