FootLocker F&F - Sept. 27-30, 2007

Jul 9, 2006
We all know the deal. 30% off plus an additional 10% off when you spend $150 or more.

Probably the usual exceptions. The VIII for sure and AF1s.


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OK, I know this has been asked a thousand plus times but I'm going to ask again. Can we print off the coupn and use it? I've never had a problem before but the last F & F I came in with my printed copy. They said that was not acceptable and totally ignored me.

Other times I just went in and they basically gave me the discount?

Is there something official or does it just depend on the store you go to?
i think it depends on the store... i printed my coupon off of niketalk and went to eaton centre footlocker, they didnt even ask for the coupon, i just asked them if i get 30% off and she said "yea":

i guees it depends on the employee
All of the stores are different. Some ask for the coupon. Some you just need to ask for the 30% and some are just wack like that and wont accept anything. :lol:
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do any stores have the air zoom bb?
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yeah, no problem. hold on.

EDIT: Sorry guys. I can't re-up it because they killed the link to the image. :frown:
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thats cool don't worry about it.. i'll push my luck at yorkdale.. haha

thanks anyways apocalypz.. much appreciated!!!!
Never really had a problem without the coupon as they usually have tons behind the counter just as long as you mention you're aware of the F&F. Worst case scenario either speak with the manager and they'll make it right or go to another location.
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