Footlocker November Major Releases

Nov 30, 2002
hey are the november releases for footlocker canada, no lebron Vs :nerd:

Nov 1st
- C Wade Blk/Wht/Red (Wade 3) $149.99 (kids size 89.99)
Nov 2nd
- Reebok Answer 11 Wht/Car $159.99
Nov 10th
- Nike Air Force 1 low Sail/Gold WOMENS $149.99
- Nike Air Force 1 low Blk/Gold WOMENS $149.99
Nov 17th
- No Launches scheduled
Nov. 23rd
- Jordan Spiz'ike Wht/Gry/Blk $259.99
Nov. 24th
- Nike Air Force 1 low Wht/Nvy/Gld $119.99 (kids size 99.99)
- Nike Air Force 1 Mid Supreme Wht/Nvy/Red $259.99
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God bless Canada
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Nov. 23rd
- Jordan Spiz'ike Wht/Gry/Blk $259.99

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Are you guys sure the Spiz'ikes are coming out on a Friday?
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still cant believe no RD sighting in nov. for lebron Vs
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looks like the AF1 Lows are coming out
Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee​

Canadian prices suck.
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The Spizike's in general are still horrid.

Anyone see Kobe lites or what's remaining of Kobe IIs in their areas? I'm in need of a ball shoe. Plus I'm hoping for a late steal, haha.

Zoom, Considered, Free? I had to do some research.
if memory serves me right Kobe 2's are goign for 149.99 at champs at yorkdale... (which isn't that great of a price)

as for lebron V's.. were they not suppose to come out like last week???

mayb champs would have it???
yeah word, lebron 5s were a "quickstrike" on the footlocker release date list, like they just popped up..........which is very strange, anyways theyreleased last thursday, and im not entirely sure on the retail

I thought the prices were going to be adjusted and reflect what's going on in the states?
no there was "talk" of prices being adjusted.being that the exchange rate is currently 1 cad- 1.01 usd,there isnt much of a chance of a priceadjustment.Especially during the holidays.
a employee 50% off is slated for dec.14th-16th as well by the idea about exclusions
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