*^* FOOTWORK ATL DVD - Podcast up now! Atlanta Botiques! *^*

Feb 8, 2005

( to view the podcast type "FOOTWORK ATL" in the podcast search box)

The south doesn't get respect but this DVD will show you what Atlanta is working with!

You gotta check this out!

*There will be more editions to come, with special guest apperances. You will get to see some exclusive collections and meet some well known sneakerheads as well! GET READY!!!*

Don't miss out on this hot DVD!

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*Atlanta Summer Summit*
Sat. August 12th @ Prestigious 2:00pm
"tHe ShOes i weAr yOU doN't OWn a PaiR!"
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I just watched the podcast for this...it was nice...I've been to Sole Munki quite a few times thats my new shoppin jump off...Ima check out the other 2 hopefully this weekend
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