For better cushion, LeBron VI Lows or Hypermax?

Apr 11, 2009
What's up NTers

Well i guess i'm at the right place for this type o' question
I've got a question up here.

I wanna know which one has better cushioning, lebron 6 lows or hypermaxes
i kno they have a totally different type of air soles
ZL6 lows have double zoom air at heel and hypermaxes have full length max air

i kno hypermaxes are fresh out there in the market but just wanna know if someone has awready tried'em on for ballin', or even just walking
i assume dat ZL6 lows have same soles as ZL6 highs so i also appreciate ur experiences from ZL6 highs
Go with the hypermax, but it really depends on what kind of cushioning you want, if you want a more responsive cushioning system try the ZL6s but the overallcushioning and feel will be better with the hypermaxs.
does hypermax feel the similar to Pippen retros? the Pips are the first shoe ive had with 3/4 air (and that lil bastard in the front

didnt know it would feel so hard.
full lenght, 3/4's or max air almost always have a stiffer feel, since they are made for bigger guys, who need stiffer cushioning systems to support theirframe. if your a guard id pick the zL6, though its still kind-off heavy.
^^^the lebron 6s arent heavy lol...anyway if you like soft cushioning go with the lebrons. if you prefer a more dense,firmer cushioning go with the hypermax.
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