For Those Asking To be Put On To Different Artist This Is For You

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it has almost everything just type in the artist you want to hear and there you have it all of the songs to listen to for the FREE!!!!

now if you want albums you can type in the artist and click on the section called playlist if you want a specific album and you have no clue what the albumsname is

Google is your friend type in the artist name and discography and there you go
Joined Feb 8, 2009
Originally Posted by XxHonchoxX

Who doesn't know about imeem?
everybody knows about google but nobody uses it everyother day somebody is asking about what is Gucci Manes best mixtapes. Can you put me on to Field Mob. Iwanted to see what was up with this MF Doom dude I went here and typed him in didnt have to make a thread about
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People are aware of sites like imeem and last fm...people make threads asking to be put on because they want an actual persons opinion.
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