For those with militaristic/strict dads


Joined Oct 10, 2018
Y’all ever had to put his *** in line before as you got much older and he still tries to act tough?
Joined Mar 12, 2011
My father was an alcoholic ******* who also happened to be a drill sergeant. Thankfully my parents separated when I was 8 and I’ve only seen him about 10 times since and I’m currently 33. A couple of those times was as a grown *** man and he got aggressive and tried to talk down to me, I put his *** in check real quick.
Joined Jun 27, 2007
Wasn’t really the greatest fan of my dad growing up. He was really hard on me specifically cause I was the oldest of my siblings. It wasn’t up until a year or two after I graduated college where I really started to appreciate him more and all the things he’s done for me and my siblings. He’s going to be 60 years old Next year.

Age, coupled with grandchildren, plus me and my siblings all moved out the house, has certainly humbled my father. Nowadays When we get together it’s nothing but love.

You only get 1 father. Try to forgive and forget. Nobody’s perfect. live it up while you still have him around... he won’t be around forever.
Joined May 15, 2005
Once I was 6th grade I could beat up my dad with the help of my brother (2 years older than me) We would hem him up if he was wildin', no attacks just evasive maneuvers. But on the streets it was on, beating on kids our age was way too easy.
Joined Jul 18, 2012
My dad was always on my ***. One time when I was a senior in high school, I slept at a friend's house on a Saturday night and he called the house at 8am talkin bout "come home, tomorrow's a school day". Wtf

Another time in middle school this guy volunteered to be a hall monitor for a day. I took the bus to school and went to first period. When I got out I saw him with a whistle around his neck pretending like everything was normal. This mf was on some PsyOps **** with me.
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