Former Bad Boy artists living the struggle (Link Inside)

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Being in high school in the early-mid 90's here in S.D. it was all about Snoop and Pac. Would listen to Pac so much that I never gave anything Bad Boy a chance. Not even Biggie. Only east coast rap I listened to at that point was Run DMC, Beastie Boys and The Fugees.
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95% of Puffys artist aint around no more. either irrelevant, dead, deported or in jail
Red Cafe aint struggling neither is Ma$e
has red cafe ever put out a album? 

mase shoulda made a sh*t ton of money off that no way out album he wrote for puffy but dude never pays ppl like he sposed to
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Red cafe struggling?

He has a lot of real estate

And balls out with your fav rappers
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Yeah, I heard red has real estate. I know he still does tours overseas. I doubt he drops his album
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that badboy curse is real :smh:

they forgot Danity Kane, B5, Donny Klang, the dirty money chick that wasnt Dawn, she had the cake but a messed up grill... the list goes goes on

meanwhile diddy like off all the money he made off them
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turrible just turrible
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this is all wrong TOP 5 IS DYLAN, DYLAN, DYLAN, DYLAN and DYLAN!!!
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I used to buy into this until i really thought about it.

People just call out Puff cause he's a successful black businessman.

Pick any music label...guarantee you find dozens of worse failures from years past.

It's just the nature of the business. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Only few exceptional talents can pull off a long career in music.
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It was just a list of rappers that have disappeared. No info on today or their struggle, terrible article.
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Would never sign wit Puff.. Dude had actual talented artists and messed them up.. Dep, Rob and Shyne... I bet BIG woulda been on this list too..
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