Freestyle Session 10 Yr. Anniv. Aug 25th and 26th

Jul 17, 2006
Heres a jammy Im putting together at the end of the summer...Dunno if you guys are into it but its gonna be real dope....

August 25th and 26th

Event Locations:
Club Circus
6655 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90038

Event Times and Dates:
August 25th 12pm-8pm
August 26th 12pm-10pm

2 Day Passes available online at
Keyword: Freestyle Session

Crew vs. Crew Bboy Battle(Up to 10 Per Crew)
$20,000+ cash and prizes($10,000 cash and $10,000 in prizes)

Crew vs Crew Popping Battle(Up to 8 Per Crew)
$5,000+ cash and prizes($2,500 cash and $2,500 in prizes)

2 on 2 Lockin Battle
Winners will be flown to Uk Championships

Performing Live
Slick Rick
DITC(Diamond D, Lord Finesse, OC and AG)
One Be Lo

Dj's so far....
DJ Element, Abel, Charlie Rock, Renegade, Jus Jones, Batsu, Kogataro and more confirmed very soon....

Crews interested in competing please email please include crew name, contact info and location your coming from

Booth Spaces are available please contact

For sponsorship inquiries please contact
dope stuff my man, i used to always go to the saturday night session jams back in san diego a few years back at e street, i think that was involved with this... anyways ill try and check it out..
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Word yeah the E St. stuff was cool I helped out a little bit with it nothing major just made the connect between some of the dj's and judges and the club.

This event is on a totally different vibe. I should have a video trailer for it in the next week or so...

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