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yo...I can't be the only one.  These dudes I swear just spawn out of thin air.  All my fruits and veggies are currently in the fridge but these dudes just pop up out the blue and be annoying the living piss out of me.  I just purchased a new crib so it's not like I had grimey previous tenants or anything like that.  I swear i've never noticed these dudes until like a week ago 
Anyone else have this issue or know a solution? It's not like I'm living in a ninjahood bunker with remnants of the 90's plastered to my wall or old plantains under my pillow either? what gives? 


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Put a bowl full of vinegar out. They'll be attracted to it but wont be able to fly out. Or you could get some %+*$ from a store like home depot but the vinegar trick is cheapest and works best for me.
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Get a huge jar, fill with apple cider vinegar, get paper or a folder type material, make into a cone, place into jar without touching the vinegar, tape up around the outside of the jar so the paper doesn't fall in and nothing can get out. The flies will fly down into the hole in attempt to go towards the smell, and get trapped in the jar. Leave it there for a few days and they will all get trapped and then you can just dispose of it.
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yeah, the vinegar trick works...had tons off theese after goin on vacation and there was a banana peel in the trash...
Cam back to a house FULL of fruitflies..horrible!
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go to target get a sticky bug stick, vinegar and a plum or peach soft n juicy preferably

cut peach and place in bottom of stick with vinegar
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I had them a few years ago. My roommate left some bananas out and the fruit flies went to work. They got into everything. I remember I bought a pizza and left it on the table closed in the box, I came back a half an hour later and the pizza was covered in them. Leave a bottle of cheap red wine open where they tend to be most populous. They'll fly in the bottle and won't be able to get out. Make sure everything is clean. Re-clean everything in your house. They lay eggs in the rim of toilet bowls so make sure to clean that out with beach or some sort of cleaner. Even if your house is clean, clean it over again. Like someone else said vinegar works well too. They also like to lay eggs in the dishwasher so make sure the area in and around that is clean. Good luck! It took me forever to get rid of those damb things. I hope this helps.
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