FUNNY AS HELL Facebook Prank!* Vol. 1

Joined Apr 7, 2008
Go on peoples honesty boxes and put stuff like "if only you wernt my sister..." or "If only you wernt my daughter..." and see whathappens!!!� Then if you know them well, it's even better because you can go over to their houses and see how awkward everything is.

If that's not funny, please disreguard this post.� I'm pretty blazed right now.�

Bonus!:� Awkward Moments!!

LOL! @ Floyd Mayweather on #4!� Dude went in!!


Joined Apr 22, 2009
Ima try this wit my all my hot female friends(zone) wit brothers see what happens

if this doesn't work
to you
Joined May 2, 2008
i say you take it another step futher...

go to your homeboys gf's honesty box and do it... that'll be some real fun

im pretty high myself
Joined Mar 17, 2007
Originally Posted by ATLien Seeko
I tried very very very hard not to laugh at Eli because of his disability, but I couldn't help it

Damn, I finally listened to the words of envy and he made fun of Eli's shortcoming...not nice at all
, but I guess I'm not much better for laughing at him?
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