Joined Apr 7, 2008
Yall ever seen this movie? I saw it for the third time this weekend. I swear its one of, if not the best movie I have ever seen.

Its kinda old, if you havent seen it go to blockbuster or something and pick it up with the quickness. Theres a version from� 97 and one from either 07 or 08,the new one is better

the trailers in the spoiler, but id honestly suggest you dont watch the trailer or read anything about the movie at all, just go rent it and take my word forit, cuz its best if you know nothing about the plot beforehand:
Spoiler [+]

back to my essay now, its 4 in the morning UGH
Joined Apr 7, 2008
I figured not many people would have seen it cuz its not one of those BIG releases, but seriously rent it, its like 1-5 bucks depending on how you get it

its weeeeeeell worth the money
Joined Oct 15, 2008
hmmm, i will watch it one of these days. hopefully its good as how you cise it to be
Joined Oct 1, 2006
Ya it got hyped by NT so I said hey let me give it a try and the movie sucked bad, I wouldn't recommend it it was a waste of my time, me and my girldidn't like it, and I usally like movies like that it just didn't have that punch you want out of a movie

Outa a 4/10
Joined Jan 10, 2009
Imo it was a good movie.
But that suspense turned to
being bored real quick. But
overall it was an iight movie.
Joined Jan 27, 2007
not a bad theme, but it moves very slow... i enjoy the movie and like it quite a bit but 7/10 at best for me...
Joined Oct 24, 2007
this girl i know got me to watch it. She acted like it was the best movie ever. I thought it was pretty dumb, and once it got to the part with the remote, ijust stopped watching. It was dumb imo
Joined Nov 25, 2007
I prefer the older version, there was no need for a remake. This movie is definitely appreciated. I felt so sick and upset/disturbed after watching this.
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