***GA NTers I need help** I was frauded on ISS

Jul 16, 2005
Whats up, I bought a pair of White Laser IVs, VNDS sz11.5 from Sbaboy417 on ISS. I sent him $165 through paypal and $100 through MO. Hes frauded at least 1 other person and a possible other 4, I think its very low that a 23 year old has to fraud people on a sneaker forum.Now the AIM on the ISS name is AmBiGuOuSmAn417 and that guy claims to live in Cali and the other guy who has my money is Jumex1984 on AIM. Now AmBiGuOuSmAn417 says that his friend has dissappeared and also stole a pair of shoes from him. I dont buy his story but thats what hes claiming. Im willing to pay someone $50, get them the black/caro Vs a week early for retail, or sell a pair of my sneakers for a cheap price. I would give more but im only 16 so i dont really have much more to give. I had to sell 3 pairs of sneakers so I can afford these IVs. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me out, my AIM is Jonny91589 & my email is Jonny207@yahoo.com. Here is the guy who I sent my MO to address:

Arthur Valdez
1500 Oakfield In
Roswell, GA 30075

Anyone willing to help me get my shoes or money, I will really appreciate it.
F/S: DS Tour IV. sz12 $135 Shipped
VNDS Mist IV sz11.5 $125 Shipped
VNDS White/Chart. XIV. sz11.5 $75 Shipped
AIM:Jonny91589 Email Jonny207@yahoo.com
Here's what you do man, Ive done this before when Ive have been frauded:

Send him an email saying this: Since you have scammed me and stolen my money without sending the merchandise I have contacted paypal which will be sending a letter to your local bank very shortly. When the bank learns of this fraud theyre will be a freeze on your account and no money can be put in or taken out. The bank/paypal will handle this matter, or they may go to the Roswell police department and make a claim about this fraud. I have all of your information and it's just a matter of time before I get my money back.

Also bro, type his address and name into a Web Pages online website, you should be able to get any phone numbers he can be reached at, if he still lives at home, call his @#%$ at 3am and demand you get your money back ASAP. Call his parents in the AM every morning until you get your money or shoes.

Hopefully this helps you bro.

Im not sure someone is going to go confront a random guy about a pair of shoes for $50....no offense but I wouldn't personally unless I knew the guy and he lived next door

I think that's pushing it

But like Bcfuture said above me is probably the best route

I've scared people into giving me my money back...it worked 1 out 3 times, but it worked. I actually filed a complaint with the USPS and fraud control with the government and they sent federal US documents to my house and the guys house ....thats what really scared him...

The police will do nothing unless its a worthwhile investigation....police wont waste their time....I know from experience that it has to be a little more high profile than that
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^^^ thanks alot, I got the guys phone number and the lady who picked up told me to call back in a hour. So im hoping this will go smoothly otherwise i'll just have to keep calling the guy and leaving him messages on myspace.

what is the number for fraud control?
Been frauded by someone on ISS who lives in or near Roswell,GA. Anyone willing to help out please contact me. I'll pay you for your troubled. I have name,address and map of where he lives
AIM:Jonny91589 Email Jonny207@yahoo.com
KEEP CALLING MAN SERIOUSLY. You have to get the message across and make them pissed to answer the phone, if the phone falls are continous and throughout the night, you'll get your stuff back.

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