Gangsterosity Vol. Don't try this at Home

Jun 6, 2008
This woman is either crazy, a boss, or most likely, a mixture of both.
Here's the story from AOL News.

JERUSALEM (June 2) -- An Israeli woman laid herself on the tracks just before a train roared through a crossing in an apparent suicide attempt. But seconds after the train passed, she got up and walked away almost unhurt. The incredible scene was captured on the closed circuit security TV system at the Kfar Vitkin level crossing in Israel's north.
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The video shows the woman calmly approaching the tracks and lying down between them. The train passes over her at high speed, and then she gets up, picks up her shoes and walks to her car.​

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Tuesday that two days after the bizarre event, police have not yet found the woman. Rosenfeld speculated that she was attempting suicide or mentally unbalanced.
Originally Posted by Mangudai954

A lot of people have done this before...isn't this a past time for some in Germany?

QFT somebody post a german vid of kids doing this for fun on here before
definitely crazy
As long as there's enough clearance between you and the bottom of the train there's no real danger...Assuming you're in perfect position, don'tgo deaf, etc...
Russian teenagers do this for fun so I would assume people are trying this in Israel now, probably not a suicide attempt, because if it was then it's anepic fail
When my dad was growing up in Cuero, TX which is a pretty small town, he told us a lot of the kids did this and never got hurt. But then someone died fromdoing it so they stopped.
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