Gas prices

Joined Aug 6, 2012
It's getting crazy out here. Gas out here in Cali is approaching $5. Just last week it was in the $3 area. What's it looking like everywhere else?
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Diesel was 3.09 on Monday. I said cool I’ll fill up Friday. I went last night after work and it was up to 3.59?!?
.50 Cents in 5 days is just crazy.

“Get a truck”- They.
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We go by liters up here. It's about 1.25/L right now, give or take a couple of cents depending where you go.

Works out to 4.73/gallon

Few months ago I put for 0.86/L....oh what a glorious day that was. Even in the 90s, shoot anything under a dollar was bless.
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