Geo of Blue Scholar's (11/9) / UW Sayaw (10/30)

Sep 20, 2004
wattup ya'll, decided to put these up here, some local stuff for u guys
took this first one directly from myspace haha:


Come out to Sayaw's first showcase! Don't know what Sayaw is? It's FASA @ UW's Filipino Dance group, and we're pulling together dances from the mountain regions and southern islands of the Philippines to put on a show in celebration of Filipino American Heritage Month.

It's a fundraiser so it'll be $5 at the door :smile:

October 30, 2006 | 7-9pm
Ethnic Cutural Theatre
3940 Brooklyn Ave. NE Box 355650
Seattle, WA 98105

Blue ScholarsBridget Hermano

FASA @ UW to contact one of them

if anything..PM me!
hope to see some of ya'll there
...dood you have KNOW YOUR OLD when you have KIDS....emphasize on MORE THAN ONE BEN hahahhahahhaha

how you been? stop through some time and we'll talk about the crappy jordan tees we carry at the store

and yes i have a solo part, i will be with the mrs. and i'll make her look good since i'll prob be the one messing up -_-.....but it's cool MONDAY OCT 30th at UW!!!!!
i mean watch this, go to aparty the next night...tis all good
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oh i love how the month of october is filipino month, instead of handing out candy we should give away tolberone :b

God Bless Your Soul, Rest In Peace Joselito Barber.
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