GeoGuessr - Guess where the Google Maps Streetview Picture comes from

Joined Aug 14, 2008
Ran across this game. It's pretty fun; good way of killing time and testing your geography skills.

Basically, you are presented with a Google Maps Streetview of a location (you can navigate around same way you would on Google Maps) and you have to place a point on a map of where you guess the picture is fun. You receive points based on how close you are to the actual location. Each round is 5 pictures and you can challenge friends to beat your results. See here:

Let's get an NT competition going...


Joined May 6, 2007
Man I clicked brazil at first and then I saw all this asian writing on multiple buildings, then I saw the word Taiwan so I took a swing. WRONG :rofl: Not too far off tho. The one from Alabama put me on a freaking dirt road with nothing but trees and dirt. How the heck am I supposed to get that?

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pretty fun game tho
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