Getting your job back Appreciation

Joined Dec 8, 2006
Been without one since August. This week they called me up and I got my old job back..feels good being able to do somethin to put some extra $$$ in yourpockets again.
Joined Feb 12, 2008

this will be the third summer going back to my job coming back from college.
Joined Dec 8, 2006
Originally Posted by 93SnakedFox

How'd you lose it?
Snotty customer got me in trouble cause she thought I was gonna treat her like a queen or something..I didn't really even fire back at her Ijust called one of the assistant managers and let them deal with it. And my boss didn't even want to fire me but the higher ups told him to do so cause shekept complaining about it.
But my boss is cool as hell and he just let me give my 2 weeks notice so that it wouldn't count against me.

Not burning your bridges pays off.
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