giants fans.. there any good parking around the stadium??

Jan 9, 2001
this is going to be my 1st time driving to a giants game... but doen anyone know any good parking spots?.. its a weekday night game...
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Park by the warehouses down where the golf range use to be. Free parking> $25 parking... At the most, it's a 10 min walk to the park.
Not sure. Sports Basement use to be down there until they moved and I remember their address said 6th Street...... Or you could drive nr SOMA, closer to the park of course, around 5:30 and find a regular spot. Just feed the meter til 6 and go to the game. After 6, parking is free on the streets, granted you find a spot. Good luck.
^^^ Like he said park on Townsend St. I usually take the train to the games but whenever I drive I have ALWAYS found a spot on Townsend. Try right behind the Caltrain station between 4th and 5th were Wild 949 and KMEL are located because there are always people coming and going in that building and usually a spot close to there. No meters there to feed either... =) If you can't find a spot on that block you can keep driving down between 5th and 6th...
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when i went to a game this year we just parked in the warehouse close to the stadium, but it was 25 bucks. have fun
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I found a place that was only 2 blocks away and only charged $20. I'm actually headed to the game 8/21 since my girlfriend got free tickets from her work.
for night games (after 6pm any day) on sundays (all day), just park at one of the metered or yellow loading spots West of the ballpark (towards downtown) stick to the major streets.....Howard, Harrison, Folsom, etc tho. cars get jacked/broken into on the sidestreets, esp in the 13423421443 alleys around the freeway + warehouses.

READ THE PARKING SIGNS THO.....many of the streets/spaces real close to the park (2-3 block radius) are 1-2 hour parking zones EVERY day.
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