GM Space Jams yellowing on the blue tinted soles

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Joined Jun 19, 2013
I know i messed up paying a ridiculous amount for a pair of grey market space james with blue tinted soles on eBay. I still got time to return it and I would like to gather up some info from you guys before I spend all the effort in reshipping the product back to the seller and having to argue with him the authenticity of the shoes.

I would like to know if any of you guys who got the grey market space jams started to experience the yellowing on the sole? Does it turn green or milky? My bottom line is if i rock the shoes and ended up a milky sole after aging. Then I will have no problem with a pair of grey market Jordans. But if it turns green as some may have suggested, then i am gonna return that piece of **** back to the seller.

Can anyone advise? Possible pics for reference?
Joined Dec 25, 2006
well the CGs with blue sole turns a goldish brown color so yeah it wont turn green, just rock em till they die
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