Gmail is down. MyEbay is down. Pandora won't load WITW IS GOING ON? Vol Safari???

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And apparently Grooveshark doesn't know who John Lennon or Tupac is..
Anybody else having these issues today? Is the government spying on me?? WHAT DO YOU WANT GOVT?? I have a cell #, just hit me...

All this stuff works on my cell phone. I'm using Safari and just got a new iMac??
Joined Jul 16, 2001
All this stuff works on my cell phone. I'm using Safari and just got a new iMac??
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o yea... Jobs was single handedly running the processor division for all imacs... ur SOL

sry bruh bruh

but srs... virus has u
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my grooveshark can search for 2pac/tupac/however way you wanna spell it

it cant however get john lennon/the beatles or even bob dylan but i guess thats understandable cause id imagine record labels would be pulling them or whatever

everything else works fine. your computer or wi-fi prolly just buggin bro
Joined Jul 16, 2001
Originally Posted by LiveMyReality

Originally Posted by buggz05

And there goes twitter...

real talk

Ima go smoke my tobacco pipe. BRB
Reset your Safari. 
Did this. Same thing. Downloaded iAntivirus, no viruses. Now I'm checking for any software updates, but it's only showing final cut pro updates..

Mark Antony

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On the real i felt like this yesterday, suddenly i'd be unable to connect to websites, it would just say sending request then timeout, then comeback a few mins later. Wifi was good, modem was good, router settings good, browser good, did a virus sweep, couldn't figure it out. I just chalked it up to an issue with the isp, since it's all good today.
for you though, power cycle your router/modem.
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