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Oct 29, 2002
So I'll be visiting Canada soon and looked up the fares to my destination and must I say...these fares are re-di-cu-lous. It's almost $5 for a one way trip?!

There has to be some kind of loopholes in the system...aren't there? Are there any alternatives, or atleast some kind of universal pass that I could use for GO, Mississauga and Toronto transits?
thats for GO train to rural parts, its not like your average daily train, this one is a full on coach with personal seats an everything... TTC is cheaper 1.50-2.25ish depending how old you look.
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take TTC to kipling then use missisauga transit?

The universal system won't be around in full force till a g ood 5 years minimum
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GO train is usually frequented by business commuters and students. It's not really a casual way of gettin to downtown.

theres a universal pass called the GTA pass which I think you can get at islington.

some other tricks are take a bus to Square one (grab a transfer) then take a bus to get to Islington subway station. It's the end of the line. From there take the TTC. It'll cost you about 5 bucks to get to downtown. Problem with it is it takes long//uncomfortable.

if you don't care for walkin in downtown, just take the GO bus to downtown and walk around from union station.

Misssissauga transit also provides a discount. If you need to take the mississauga transit to GO transit station pay 50 cents and show your ticket your going to use. Or after you take the GO transit and need to take mississauga, show em your GO train ticket and pay 50 cent fare to Mississauga.

Commutin from Sauga to downtown is a real hassle.
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