Goin to A's game tomorrow...what's it like?

May 19, 2004
my brother got free tickets from his company so i guess they're pretty good seats (in foul territory)...how are A's fans in general? I'm not scared but last time someone I knew got their stereo jacked in the parking lot during an A's game...also how's the concession stands? :lol:
reason is cuz i got a 12 dollar voucher to buy food, and also are you allowed to bring food/drinks in? thanks.
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a's games are pretty tight because they're not too crowded and the stadium has a nice atmosphere to it... the fans are great , but i havent heard of any robberies at a game. at the concession stands the hot dogs are 3-4 dollars i think, but i usually bring in food. i've brought a burrito and bottled water before, but they dont allow cans, so try to put the drinks in your pocket haha.. anyways i think you'll have a good time
yea the games are pretty fun and safe at least when i go. i didnt know you could bring in food tho. never tried either.
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games are chill. food is meh. you'll hav fun tho, its a totally chill out place since you dont have to battle with large amounts of crowds.
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its coo...get there a couple hours early and bbq in the parking lot and take some beer. Then go in and enjoy the game and youll be good.
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gone to a few A's games this year most of them r real laid back. if ur goin on wed its $1 hot dogs so use ur voucher freely. dont bring in any glass or cans. they let u bring in water and soda as long as its in a plastic bottle.
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A's games are ok, the prices for food aren't as high as Giants games. Im pretty sure that the car break in was an isolated incident, you allways have those few that cant follow the rules or don't know how to act. Make sure you try the chicken strip with honey mustard :pimp:

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Never heard of a robbery there. But when I've been there, the atmosphere has been pretty laid back and spacious. I've never felt crowded or cramped there ever before.

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went to today (well yesterday)'s game...definitely was pretty laid back and spacious...crowd wasn't into it that much until the end..there's no question AT&T owns McAfee (like that wasn't obvious) but it was cool. and i didn't get robbed in the parking lot haha, i guess the robbery of my friend's car stereo in the parking lot was a very isolated incident. thanks yall
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My job owns tickets in the Diamon Level seating area, which is right behing home plate. So far, my Manager has given me 4 tickets twice. You have the luxury of eating all you can eat until the 7th inning, 2 beer vouchers per adult and a VIP parking pass, which is right by the coliseum. From that experience alone, it's pretty dope, but even the seats I had elsewhere are good. I've never had a boring time regardless of the day I've went or the teams they're playing. I just wished the food was a lot cheaper!
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