going to a casino for the first time...

Apr 3, 2006
Wsup guys, well im goin to go to a casino for the first time..(Jackson) just turned 18. What are some things i need to know? cuz i dont want to come in lookin like a noob. :lol:

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If it's your first time, you'll have a little bit of beginner's luck. If you win, be it $20 or $2000, I say quit right away. Don't get caught thinking that you'll get another $20 or $2000.

I've seen it way too many times where someone would come up about $5000 or so and then just lose it back to the house in a matter of minutes/hours.

But most of all, have fun man. That's the main reason you go to a casino right? :smile:

i would only go to jackson if your 18 and wanting to gamble hella bad..other then that, cache creek / thunder valley are alot better
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if u go for the 1st time u most likely will look like a beginner. most of the people there will probably help u out though cause they dont want u messing up their hands.
my opinion:

pending on what you play, i'm guessing you are into NL holdem and will be playing that. you will probaly be playing $1-$2 since you are a noob. max buy in was raised to $200 from its original $100. My advice... Bring at least $400... First buy-in should be at $100 so you can see how soft the game is... if an easy game, you wont need to use the rest of the money, you can just double up and so on...
if a tough table and you lose a big hand... reload with the other $100, if bust again... switch tables and try again or reload for full $200 at another table.

if you are a noob to blackjack, sit at the lowest limits possible because you dont want to make people mad by not playing stratagy. just remember, always split A's and 8's and double down 11.

pai-gow, 3-card poker, texas shootout
easy to play, dealer helps you out... money last along time because of pushes..

slots, roulette
try to stay away... although fun and addicting, not worth it. if you do play:
roulette: try just betting red/black odd/even and so forth.. dont make bets to complicated
slots: only play 50 cents and up slots and ALWAYS MAX BET. it optimizes play. playing under 50 cents isnt worth it because of the % the casino takes for every bet... the higher you play, the more you get back in the long run even if only a few hours.

since you would be playing lower stakes.. no more than $1-2 tips are necessary.. just be resonable per how much you win.

showing off'
if you got lots of cash to waste, just start tipping everyone. i did this in vegas when i wasnt 21 so no one would come and card me... i cashed in for a few thousand of chips with $100 in $5's... every casino personel i came in contact with ( cage person, person who put you on a list for poker, floor) i popped them a $5 tip... just sitting down at the table, right away i tip the dealer a $5...

anyone wana roll to vegas in sept when i finally do turn 21?
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i went to jackson last wednesday (my first time too). i was lucky and only lost 40 but some guy i went with lost 120, his first time too. i guess u just gotta get used to the smell of smoke everywhere. theres no non smoking section. drinks are free, i think u would only look like a noob if u asked them how much a bottle of water cost. hope that helps
Ha, after posting in this thread yesterday, my buddy asks if i wanted to go.. so i just got back, came up an easy $600 from 3 hours of play. I like going sunday nights and weekdays.. fridays and saturdays are way to crowded for me.
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i went with 3 homies and my homegirl...
the first hour, i went with the homegirl and just chilled/kept her company while i taught her blackjack and slots... after eating, she went to the car and slept.
i played 1-2NL holdem for about an hour then got bored. cashed out and went to 25 min blackjack where i lost my winnings from holdem and had to dip into my money i had brought. i was able to make it back up and be +600... not including the winnings to buy us all chicken strips and fries.

the drive from SF... well from hayward/san leandro... it took us 2 hours no traffic since we left at 9:15pm on a SUNDAY. so just add whatever time it takes to get over the bridge to 580.
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ha.. another buddy of mine told me he wants to head out to jackson.. leaving in 30minutes...

will post when i get back with a trip report.
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