Going to Alliance Ohio

Sep 12, 2006
So im going to alliance, ohio with my girl to visit her family sept 7th is there any where near there for shoe or clothing stores? thanks
If thats near Columbus come check out Status, Sole Classics, Big Daddy and my guys at Embassy!
Inbox me if you have an idea of where you are going to be close of and I can help you in anyway!
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Alliance is closer to Canton and about 20 min away from Cuyahoga Falls.
Your best bet for shoes in Canton is go to the Beldon Village mall in North Canton. Finishing, Footlocker, Champs are gonna be your major shoe spots in that mall.
Cuyahoga Falls has the Chapel Hill Mall and it has the same stores above but the Champs Sports Store is much bigger and the Finishline is gonna be your best bet for the kicks around there
Belden Village mall has absolutely nothing. your best bet is to go Canton Center mall which is about 15min from Alliance. They have a urban finishline and a store called Velocity. I am a shoe head who has been living in Canton for 2 years and it's dead down here as far as shoes go. Just my $.02.
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