going to miami for Sprng Brk..whats good there

Apr 16, 2003
Point being, what do I need to check out. Im 20. IAm I going to need a car down there or are cabs/scooters better? Any responses are appreciated. Any hook ups on a club where you gotta be 21 are even more appreciated lol.

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Going all the way to Miami for SB's?

Im sure theres closer places. Im not being serious.

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for the Superbowl?? cause that already passed
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confusing thread
Lakers vs. Suns, April 8, 12:30, staples center, section 115 row 7, 2 seats, contact me if you're interested.

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ouch my bad ill fix this
kon pulls girls off the bench like a sixth man/
but i keep girls around my arms like theyre wristbands
bring ALOT of money dude. im 21, lived 19 years in miami, everything is expensive on the beach. getting into all the good clubs, food, everything. best clubs n most popular are mansion, prive, and opium although i heard opium changed or closed down or something.
ya im going to miami spring break also and im 19 and i dont have a fake so any info on what to do would be much appreciated...from the beach to shopping to night life.. thank you
hit the beach up every moarning, if u dont see a dozen topless chiks in your sight at all time, your obviously not lookin hard enough. as far as clubs go, everything ON MIAMI BEACH is 21. my next door neighbor is the police chief of miami beach, no if ands or buts about bein 21. anyways, everything on the beach is expensive anyways. U get nice, high class *** on the beach at mansion and prive which u hear lil wayne n a bunch of other people rappin about. But if ur not willin to throw down at least 100$ a night, grab a cab and go downtown near AAA where the Heat play. Theres a huge club district tehre and theyre usually 18 and up. Space, metropolis, and nocturnal. theyre like 5-10 minutes from south beach. any further question, holla at cha boy
i mean where the @#%$ at most b?^^^

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space is crazy.. isnt that a afterhours club.. i think we went there at 6 am n left at 9 am lol
i mean where the at most b?^^^
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anything on miami beach is mad expensive and clubs are 21 n over. like someone ^ said, check out downtown, i think most of the places there are 18 n up. if your just going to be in miami beach and downtown dont worry about getting a car, but anywhere outside of that you'll need one because our public transportation sucks and i dont think you'll want to pay for cabs all the time.

and about the ladies
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